Decorative pharmacies

Newest decorations pharmacies and display units and units of drawers and how to exploit all the spaces. We always have an all-new and all the talk
You imagine you with us as we design and implement, God willing, less time and less expensive
Always with us in ensuring we have God and you all the guarantees and the Secretariat in handling the years and the experience of his sponsor and so always enough to please our valued customers

office furniture

There is a large assortment of desks, chairs and tables restaurants and decorated except for (equipment Kalpotojazat and succession processing) at the highest level and there are chairs medical imported and we have different designs (Counter reception - managers offices and staff - and Antryhat and libraries and everything related to the processing companies

Supermarket processing

 The company's large agenda at the supermarket is equipped with the efficient allocation of Stands and refrigerators are also supplying the cashier and all accessories needed to run the place

Stores processing

 Our engineers to exploit spaces and characterization of appropriate Stands rates and payload, as well as uniquely experience to find unconventional solutions to fit each site by you to Requirement

(There are two types of processing stores (heavy and light)

Processing of kitchens

Supplying kitchens with the best raw materials and different designs suitable for all markets and different materials and using all areas with modern designs.

dressing room

Renew your room with the latest designs and colors and take advantage of space

Modernized clothing storage and covers