Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Pharmacy

1- Clading

2 - prominent and illuminated acrylic letters

3-cladding cladding columns

4. A prominent and bright acrylic logo

5-unit display Cosmics (distinctive) open from the dawn light 2 Aspot

Design World is the leading pharmaceutical processing company
you can dream & we can implement.
Any problem you have to find a solution to us, God willing
You have problems Kteyer prices remained Ofer and distinctive decorations we have remained in the Design World Hnkdr Namlk difficult equation best raw materials for the processing of the finest pharmaceutical decorations for the processing of pharmacy Walkman Htlaqa prices is no limit on the market and all the testimony of de esteemed customers of pharmacists
O Allah, O Allah, Exalted is our honor
Or call us at 01001224986/0224050732
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# DesignWorld Company
We welcome to visit our customers at any time with full respect and kindness, and always strive to stretch the bridges of trust between us and our customers as we aspire to build a strong and solid relationships with them, and to create an integrated blend combines customer tastes and designers experience in creating the best designs and this was our mission we have made every success.

Design World has only Spanish and Italian wood according to color - German and Malaysian hinges, raw materials other than raw materials on the market.
Is not Mataatab treading is the cheapest form of pharmacy prices only with company # # Dizeyn_oorld For more details, please call 01001224986/0224050732
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