Dr. Helmy Pharmacy

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????️ The leading company in the field of processing pharmacies in Egypt
Execution of all light and non-luminous display units in all sizes and shapes
The latest decorations for pharmacies, display units, drawer units and how to exploit all spaces. We always have every new and every talk
You have to imagine with us as we design and implement God's permission in less time and less cost
Always with us in ensuring the establishment of God and you have all the guarantees and safety in dealing and experience years as a guarantor and always enough to satisfy our customers
Design World.
37 Abbas El Akkad - Above Costa Coffee
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Dr . Helmy Pharrmacy

 Design World is the leading pharmaceutical processing company
you can dream & we can implement.
Any problem you have to find a solution to us, God willing
You have problems Kteier prices more expensive and decorations we have a distinctive in Design World We appreciate your difficult equation The best raw materials for the processing of the finest pharmaceutical decorations for the processing of the pharmacy and Kaman Htalai our prices are not any limit in the market and all the testimony of our valued customers Pharmacists
Address / 37 Abbas El Akkad st. Above Costa Coffee
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